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- New Construction

- Installation

       From the very beginning of your project we will make ourselves available to help you coordinate and decide what system best suits your needs. We will help you from the very beginning.  We will coordinate the design of the fire system to make sure it is drawn in a cost-effective manner, it is installed in accordance to all applicable codes and is aesthetically balanced with your building. We will ensure you get the best fire system available at a fair price with excellent service.

- Design Build We, Dry Systems

- Tenant Improvements

- Pre Action, Wet and Dry Systems

- Fire Hydrant Installation and Service

- Fire Sprinkler System Inspection

        We go through you fire system and check that the piping and sprinklers are in good condition. The inspection consists of looking at fire systems from ground level and making sure it is ready to work when you need it. Part of the inspection is making sure the fire sprinkler system flow switch is working and send a flow signal to you alarm company and that the bell works. We look at the system and notify you if there are any things that need to be replaced or repaired in accordance to NFPS 25. NFPA 25 is a code book that outlines what items need to be inspected or repaired.

- 24 Hour On Call

        We are available 24 hours a day in case you need an emergency repair. Typically, this happens when a pipe breaks or a fire sprinkler goes off in an emergency. We have service trucks available to meet your emergency needs when ever you need us. We will go out to your facility and make necessary repairs to restore your fire protection systems back to working order.

- Design Maintenance Repairs

- Retro Fit

- Shell Systems

- Fire Pump Installation, Service, and Inspections

         Fire Pumps are required to be tested once a year by flowing water. We provide full service fire pump inspections. We will flow your fire pump and provide you with a report and explain the results to you. We compare the results of the fire pump test with the data plate that comes with your fire pump. If there are a deficiencies found  we sit down with you and help decide the best possible solution.


Phone: (928)-259-9603


AZ ROC: 320217 

CA ROC: C16-1045381

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